The Writer’s Guide to Horses

by Mac

Coming in summer 2019, The Writer’s Guide to Horses is an illustrated guide to all things equine specifically aimed at authors who want to get their horse details right.

They appear in all sorts of genres from epic fantasy to the zombie post-apocalypse, but horses can be one of the most difficult topics for authors to get right. This illustrated guide gives writers a leg up on their fictional equines. You’ll find practical tips for crafting authentic equines in your works, avoiding the most common mistakes, and making your four-legged characters gallop right off the page. Included are essential illustrations, real-world inspiration, historical insights, helpful quick reference guides, example passages, and much more.

The Writer's Guide to Horses cover image

Including information on:

  • Travel on horseback and by carriage
  • Equine archetypes
  • Mounted fighting and war horse training
  • Worldbuilding a horse culture
  • Inventing fantasy horse breeds
  • Riding and driving basics… and much more!

The book is coming to Amazon this summer! In the meantime, check out the horse writing tips on this website, and feel free to send me your specific horse writing questions!